How To Eliminate Rooftop Moss


Moss lives in damp environments, which is why it’s typically found in forests, swamps, and other wet areas. While moss can be attractive in certain situations, it’s not becoming when it grows on the roof. To get rid of moss, it must be killed and removed promptly. Below are some tips on achieving moss and mould removal in NZ.

Understand the Need for Moss Removal

Moss can cause severe problems when it grows on a roof. As it thickens, it can lift shingles and allow water or wind to damage the roof. However, it can do much more. Moss can catch insects and debris, which can cause additional water issues. Finally, moss growth can cause shingles to deteriorate over time.

Eliminating Rooftop Moss

Moss can be attractive, but it should be eliminated when it’s on the roof. There are several ways to remove rooftop moss.

  • Brush it off. A brush can make short work of simple moss problems. Use it to dislodge and remove the moss, but use it gently to prevent roof damage. Once that’s done, use a special moss removing cleanser according to the package directions.
  • Try a moss killer liquid concentrate. This works quickly to eliminate moss on the roof, and the ammoniated soap can last for up to a year. Once moss is dead, simply brush it away.
  • Use hot water and salt. For a natural approach, sea salt and hot water can quickly kill moss. Use a spray bottle for application, allow it to soak for about 20 minutes and scrub away the moss. This method may require several applications for the best results.
  • Zinc-containing products. These roof moss killer products are an easy way to get rid of moss. A zinc strip at the rooftop can create an alkaline condition that quickly kills moss. Alternatively, products containing zinc sulphate or zinc chloride can solve the problem almost immediately.

Moss and mould removal in NZ should be handled immediately to prevent further growth and eventual roof damage. Spores can travel a significant distance before settling on the roof, and gutters should be kept as clear as possible for this and other reasons. If moss on the roof has become a problem, you can rely on us at Spik & Span for products that will clear it away. Visit us at for more details.


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