Finding the Right Moss and Mould Killer to Use Around Your New Zealand Home


Many homeowners find they have a problem with moss on their lawn or roof and wonder how to go about removing it. The problem is that moss isn’t a problem by itself but a sign that there is an underlying issue encouraging its growth. Homeowners must recognize this basic fact if they wish to eliminate the issue and ensure it doesn’t return.

Why Does Moss Grow In Certain Areas?

When a homeowner looks at their roof and sees moss, it likely means the local weather conditions are damp and the roof is significantly shaded. This vegetation doesn’t develop roots, thus no soil is needed. Moss grows on lawns for these and other reasons. The growth may be associated with excessive shade or it may be a matter of poor drainage. In addition, when the soil has a low pH level or is lacking in certain nutrients, moss may grow.

Removing The Moss

To prevent and eliminate moss growth on roofs, the rooftop needs to be free of any branches and leaves. These organic materials, when allowed to accumulate on the roof, help to hold moisture in, and this encourages moss growth. In addition, any shade prevents the sun from drying these materials. For this reason, it’s best to cut trees back to allow the roof to receive full sun during the day. Moss and mould killer products will be needed to remove any moss that remains.

When it comes to moss growing in one’s lawn, detaching may be enough to eliminate the current growth. NZ moss removal products will be of help in resolving the issue also, but it must be determined why the moss grew in the first place, which involves figuring out where the problem lies. If this step isn’t taken, the moss will return in a short period of time. Once it has been determined if the moss grew as a result of poor drainage, excessive shade, a lack of the proper nutrients in the soil, or the improper pH level, measures must be taken to correct these situations.

Visit Spik and Span ( to view all their moss and mould killing products including moss killer for lawns, driveways and roofs. Their products will not only help you remove existing moss but will help prevent it from returning.


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